Enabling Enterprises To Harness Our
Encryption Technology.

Our mission is to equip enterprises with the advanced network security as a service technology that provides military-grade encryption at every level the data exists.

Who We Are

Secure is the manifestation of a decade-long dream envisioned with an idea to provide customized security services which are scalable, trustable and are of the highest quality which exceeds industry expectations.

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Services for Consumers & enterprises


An email encryption technology that protects the content of your emails by deploying 256-Bit Military Grade Encryption that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to peek into the contents of your inbox

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Our technology hides your online activity from the prying eyes and keeps you safe from identity theft, hacking attacks through personal identifiers such as IP tracking and provides end-to-end encryption to its users.

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Our technology platform which enables other enterprises to leverage through our decade of experience and utilize our economies, infrastructure, and expertise to ultimately create value for their users.

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Secure enables partners to leverage our economies of scale and expertise to create value for their users.”

Our products and services have multiple personas; hence we’ve delved deep into different industries and marketplaces sworn to provide the most exceptional online security services.

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Corporate Consumers

One of our biggest goals is to offer sustainable, flexible and secure solutions to businesses and enterprises so that they can focus on their business and leverage benefits through our offerings. Our corporate packages are specifically aimed towards catering to enterprises that are awestruck by the complexities of the security infrastructure and are in search of the specific security services that is the need of their business.


We make sure that every step we take benefits everyone in the ecosystem.

Secure is the essence of our years of experience, and the whole journey had its fair share of trials and tribulations, which only made us stronger, better and resilient. It is why we believe in the narrative of ‘giving back to the society’ by supporting events which create awareness and contribute positively towards the society.

Cyber-Security Leadership

Uzair Gadit

Chief Executive Officer

Avishai Ziv

VP Strategy & Business Development

Aaqib Gadit

VP Engineering

Bilal Khan

AVP Product Operations

Faraz Khan

AVP Marketing


We encourage new talent to utilize their skills and potential to contribute towards the prosperity of the organization and embracing the culture of diversity.