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NSP – Sourcing Manager

Business Description:, worldwide pioneers and leaders in online security, privacy, encryption and anonymity services is looking for NSP Sourcing Manager, having strong hands-on working experience in Network Services. Online security and privacy industry are at the peak of its boom and we are looking for people that enjoy the challenge of complex engineering solutions in a high-paced, mission critical environment. We serve clients from over 120 countries worldwide and compete with high tech & resource-rich companies around the world. If this enormous scale convinces you as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity please contact us.

Position Purpose:

The candidate would be responsible for expanding and enriching our truly global network that is spread across 90 countries in 75+ Datacenters. The Candidate must have strong knowledge of how global peering and IP transit services work. The candidate would need to optimize existing infrastructure in terms of hops and connectivity with Tier-1 networks to ensure best service delivery and feature enrichment based on customer demand and competition advancements. The candidate must have strong R&D skills to come up with new ideas and innovations in light of market intelligence and self-discovery. Out-of-the-box thinking with strong English communication skills is a must-have to innovate and communicate not only with the Datacenters & Vendors globally but also with technology partners, OEM Resellers & Partners and outsourced R&D teams worldwide.

The ideal candidate will exhibit strong client-facing skills, leadership skills, will be forward thinking and have the ability to work across a multitude of technical and non-technical groups. The candidate will be self-motivated to take initiatives on his own.

We follow the agile methodology and work in the Iterations-based model and so the candidate must have belief and feel for urgency to deliver challenging deadlines.

Due to the scale of operations and the critical position status, the job requires virtually 24/7 involvement and availability. Please do not bother if managing and developing such a large network doesn’t impress you enough. We are looking for a real technology and challenge lover!

  • Must have a thorough understanding of the global state of the Internet, Tier-1 carriers, global IXs, Pops and related terminologies. Must have strong enough R&D skills to assess global Datacenters networks, locate and discuss performance degradation from various regions around the world.
  • Inspire team to formulate comprehensive negotiation strategies to secure required network performance with best in class pricing and industry-leading contractual terms and conditions. Develop negotiations approach, must/want and concession positions, and acceptable terms and conditions through to closure.
  • Lead the team in measuring supplier performance, root causing issues, and driving improved performance. Own all aspects of supplier performance.
  • The person in this role will be responsible for development and execution of sourcing and performance managing service provider/carrier suppliers, as well as working closely with our Systems team to ensure capacity objectives are met for our global network infrastructure.
  • Lead supplier selection process; negotiate contracts for new network access equipment, IP, transit, bandwidth, and collocation services.
  • Develop and manage to key performance metrics for all suppliers in the service provider/carrier category
  • Based on our internal systems and network stats, understand current and future requirements and develop scalable and cost-efficient solutions for our global network as well as ensure invoice and payments the with commercial terms
  • Monitor new technologies and industry trends and develop recommendations for senior management
  • Research, develop and document new products and tools as necessary
  • Competitors network analysis and comparison with our global network.
  • Ensure IP resources acquisition from RIR and IP inventory management.
  • Be accountable to keep the network cost to lowest in the industry and ensure 100% customer satisfaction through innovative strategies and negotiation skills.
  • Keep a check on competitors suppliers, their performance and user satisfaction.
  • BS or MS (in Engineering, Operations/Marketing Research, other computer related).
  • Candidates should have a minimum of 8+ years industry experience in a similar environment. With at least 2 years of management experience including demonstrated leadership in growing and developing a team, leading supplier performance improvement, creating a vision and following through with strategy and execution in the networking technology space.
  • Basic knowledge of IP peering ecosystems, global fiber-optic networks and the interconnection of these networks in order to obtain the highest availability for delivering online services globally.
  • Prior experience of managing multiple network/ bandwidth/peering providers in past for complex connectivity based projects spanning multiple countries is a big plus.
  • Experience working in an IP network planning or implementation role at an ISP, telecoms operator, or CDN
  • Basic level knowledge DDoS mitigation and NAT/Non-NAT networks.

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