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Finance Business Partner

SECURE.COM is headhunting a battle-hardened Finance Business Partner to take charge of creating real and active partnership with both operations and management, act as our trusted adviser for decision making.

  • Understanding the business in fundamental. Develop business understanding, including the competitive environment, commercial drivers, processes, systems, and culture.
  • Determine the business needs and help to meet them, considering the fact that it takes time, and that the businesses change.
  • Assess the opportunity to deliver more value to the business against the four key roles their finance organization has to play: steward, operator, strategist, and catalyst.
    • Steward: Protect and preserve the assets of the organization. Support the finance function in protecting the assets of the company an in ensuring compliance with financial regulations.
    • Operator: Balance capabilities, cost and service levels to fulfil the finance organization’s responsibilities. Support effective financial planning and analysis, and provide business expertise into accounting process (e.g. valuation of accruals)
    • Strategist: Provide financial leadership in determining strategic business direction and align financial strategies to this. Understand the business strategy and provide highly relevant insight into business performance. Act as the key stakeholder in the decision making process through the provision of risk adjusted financial information and analysis.
    • Catalyst: Stimulate behavior across the organization to achieve strategic financial objectives. Gain business alignment to successfully identify and understand the business strategy. Act as a catalyst in driving forward initiatives critical to delivering the strategy.
  • Advise on key business planning assumptions, trade-offs and opportunities.
  • Providing ad-hoc analysis and insights on specific issues. Put yourself in the shoes of the people you are supporting so you understand the questions they are asked every day and the decisions they have to make. Start having conversations in the same manner that business units discuss issues. The goal is to change the perception of finance from a policing function to a knowledgeable partner that adds value and addresses risk.
  • Support and influence key operational and strategic decisions, by involvement in strategy formulation, implementation and communication. Being a sounding board, trusted adviser, critical friend, and facilitator of productive business decisions.
  • Presenting a dynamic industry, competitor and economic context. Take a different approach from the conventional finance team’s focus on historical numbers. While the core finance function continues to handle reporting and management activities, the FBP should look forward, providing strategic insights based on industry and macro-economic trends and competitor dynamics.
  • Examine operational performance through different lenses to bring new perspectives, using tools such as shareholder value analysis, return on capital, customer profitability, channel profitability and zero or activity based costing.
  • Introduce benchmarks, consulting techniques, and frame discussions using structured methodologies to ensure rigor in evaluating options. Use examples from other organizations and sectors to inform the debate. With good soft skills, provide rounded opinions and clear recommendations.
  • Finance Business Partnering is about supporting the whole business to raise standards in key decision areas, taking a forward-looking and commercial view supported by a rich consulting toolkit and high emotional intelligence to help articulate different options and influence decisions.
  • Business modelling and leading on business analysis – involves mapping out the cause and effect relationships in the business.
  • Look at how current choices may affect future performance, and challenge management thinking to drive better decision-making. The toolkit that enables this includes
    • Data Resources
    • Analytical Tools & Techniques
    • Structured Frameworks
    • Best Practice
    • Communication and influence
  • To keep the advice relevant to the changing needs of the business, stay abreast of developments in the organization, industry and the wider economy, allowing the organization to seize opportunities and mitigate new threats. Ensure that the model is continuously refined and investment made into different decision areas as the business evolves and its capabilities improve.
  • Provide insights about new business models by comparing revenue generation under current contracts with contracts based on new pricing and delivery models.
  • Supporting the business by leading collaborative efforts. By assuming the role of cross-functional integrator, act as a conduit for functional groups that don’t necessarily work with one another.
  • An advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in consulting
  • 7+ years of business consulting/implementation experience
  • Strong client facing skills and a successful track record of engagement management
  • Subject matter expertise in financial or operational management systems, including financial modeling expertise
  • Ability to translate from model-building in Excel to multi-dimensional technologies.
  • Strong understanding of data integration (inbound and outbound)

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